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9 Best AngularJS Frameworks Of 2018 That Every Software Developer Should Know | Read Or Miss Out

Are you someone who works as a developer in an IT organization who is providing AngularJS Development Services to the customers? OR Are you an owner of an AngularJS Development Company? Then, you must have an idea about the role that AngularJS frameworks play in the software development process. It is the framework which not only makes the coding process very easy for the developers but also increases the speed of the whole software development process. Therefore, as a developer, it is crucial to know about the framework.

Angularjs Development

Now, if you’re working in the IT industry for a long time, then you must know with every year there is a change in the strategy of the development process. The reason for that is, with every year, the new trends, technology, frameworks, tools and many more things come into the market and as an IT organization, you have to adopt all the changes. If you don’t do that successfully, you will be thrown out of the competition, sooner rather than later. The same applies to the case of AngularJS App Development where every year, there is a change in the development process.  

If you’re a developer who is working on the AngularJS or Nodejs Web Development for a while, then you must have the experience of working with all the frameworks. Today, without knowing framework, it will be very difficult to survive for you as a developer. Now, the challenge is not only to know the frameworks but also to know the right ones which are in demand. The reason for that is, every year the frameworks keep on changing and if you’re not able to adopt that changes, you will be thrown out of the competition in the IT world, sooner rather than later. 

Now, Are you worried about how to know the latest AngularJS frameworks? Do you really want to know? Then, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to ride on a rollercoaster as I analyzed the top 9 AngularJS frameworks for the year 2018 which will make your life much easier. So, why wait for anything? Let’s get straight into the action and analyze each framework one-by-one.

[1.] Ionic:- 

Developed by Drifty in 2013, Ionic is an open-source and powerful front-end framework written in Javascript. It is mostly used for developing AngularJS Mobile App Development, which is in huge demand at the moment. The framework uses the AngularJS concepts to provide the support for mobile application and tools. In addition to that, Ionic also provides the support for HTML5 & CSS3, which means the developer can develop an interactive user-interface (UI). Today, Ionic is widely used by the developers for the hybrid application development process. 

[2.] Angular Material:- 

Angular Material is one of the best AngularJS frameworks to have come into the IT industry for a long time. Basically. Angular Material is a UI component library used widely across the globe by all the AngularJS developers. Angular Materials provides the developers with more than 30 different types of UI components and services which can be utilized for developing a fully functional web application. Angular Material is built on the foundation of Google Material Design and therefore, it has established the trust factor among developers in a short time span. 

Angularjs Development

[3.] Mobile Angular UI:- 

If you’re working in a software development company who is providing the AngularJS Development Services to various clients, then you must have got a chance to explore this framework. Basically, Mobile Angular UI is an AngularJs framework which is used for designing the HTML5 mobile applications. Mobile Angular UI is optimized for AngularJS & Bootstrap and it provides the support for fastclick.js and overthrow.js. In addition to that, Mobile Angular UI allows you to build a responsive design and convert the desktop app to a mobile app. 

[4.] Angular UI Grid:- 

Angular UI Grid is one of the most innovative AngularJS frameworks to have come into the IT industry. As a developer, when you’re dealing with any complex web or mobile app, you have to deal with lots of data. That’s where the role of Angular UI Grid comes into the picture, as it allows the developers manipulate large and complex datasets. Actually, Angular Grid UI is specially designed as a data grid of the AngularJs applications. In Addition to that, it offers great features such as row expanding, sorting, filtering, grouping, virtualization and column pinning. 

[5.] Supersonic:- 

If you’re working in an AngularJS Development Company for a long time, then you must have heard about the Supersonic framework, without a pinch of a doubt. In the last few years, Supersonic has emerged as one of the most used AngularJS frameworks across the globe. Actually, Supersonic is a robust UI framework which is used for building hybrid applications. What this framework actually does is that it allows the developers to integrate any REST (Representational State Transfer) API, which enables the data modification/interaction with ease in the backend. 

[6.] UI Bootstrap:- 

UI Bootstrap is one of the most innovative AngularJS frameworks to have come in the IT industry in the last 2-3 years. As the name suggests, UI Bootstrap which is also referred as the Angular UI Bootstrap is built on the basic concept of the front-end framework called Bootstrap. One of the USP of this framework is that it allows the developers to use the markups as a template and the reason for that is, all the directives included in UI Bootstrap repository have external markups. In addition to that, it offers several directives, such as carousel, alert, date picker, drop-down, etc. 

[7.] LumX:- 

If you ask any developer around the globe who is working on the front-end development about best AngularJS frameworks, then he/she will definitely mention about LumX in his/her list, for sure. Basically, LumX is based on the Google Material Design and therefore, it allows the developers to design awesome application, that too at a rapid pace. LumX was the first responsive front-end framework to have come into the IT industry. Actually, LumX is built with SaaS (Software as a Service), Neat and Bourbon which helps you in the customization purpose.   

[8.] Suave UI:- 

Suave UI is one of the most widely used AngularJS frameworks across the globe in the current scenario. It was meticulously built for developing any kind of complex AngularJS Web Application Development. One of the great USP of Suave UI that developers don’t need to any UI components separately and the reason for that is, Suave UI comes with readymade bundle-files. In addition to that, Suave UI gives you the platform to take the benefits of all CSS definitions, directives and services, which will eventually help you to create a great web app.   

[9.] Mean.IO:- 

As a developer, if you’re looking to develop a full stack javascript based web application, then Mean.IO could be your best best. MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js and it is used for developing dynamic and complex websites. One of the USP of Mean.IO is that it provides the developers with a platform which can be written in one programming language for both client and server-side environments. Today, Mean.IO has gained a tremendous popularity among the developer's community around the globe, which is great.! 

Final Thoughts….

I hope you had an amazing time reading this article. After reading this article, all your doubts regarding the best AngularJS frameworks will be removed and you will aware about the 9 best AngularJS frameworks of 2018, which will eventually help you in your future software development. Thank You.!

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