Thursday, February 22, 2018

9 WooCommerce Plugins That Every Developer Should Have The Knowledge Of

Are you working as a developer in Website Design Company? OR Are you someone who is running a successful Website Development Company which focuses on providing the e-commerce development services to various business? Then, you must have heard about WooCommerce. Like Magento & Shopify, WooCommerce is also an e-commerce platform which helps the various business owners to set up an online storefront for their products. 

If you’re working in the IT industry for a long time, then you must know there is a massive trend of the e-commerce development nowadays. One of the main reason behind that is the Digital Revolution which has the whole world by storm. Everything is now easily available on the internet and therefore people have stopped going to various stores for any kind of purchases. 

Rather than going to stores, people are opting for the online e-commerce store where everything is available to them and too at a cost of just a few clicks. So, you can understand the impact of e-commerce stores in the daily life of common people and therefore it becomes necessary for every business owners to have an online storefront as without having that it’s going to be very difficult to survive in today’s market where there is a cut-throat competition. 

The other challenge for the business owners is that there is no such thing called as the brand loyalty in today’s time. People often tend to go to the website who offers them a good deal and therefore you can’t sit on your past laurels. Now, you all will be thinking that how can we build an effective e-commerce website? The answer is by using the various e-commerce platforms and one of the most famous e-commerce platforms is WooCommerce.

You must have heard from the industry experts that Woocommerce Development Services are going to be the future of e-commerce development and that’s why you must have seen many ads on the internet regarding the WooCommerce Development Company in the recent times. 

Now, if you look from the developer’s perspective the platform is given to you, but in order to ensure the rapid development, you need to have the knowledge about various plugins. Today, WooCommerce Plugin Development is in huge demand and the reason for that is plugin helps you immensely to add various functionalities and customize the WooCommerce platform according to the requirement of the various customers. 

So, Are you worried about the not knowing the various WooCommerce plugins? Do you want to know? The, fasten your seatbelts and get on a rollercoaster ride as we analyze the top 9 WooCommerce plugins that will help you in your software development. So, let’s analyze each plugin one-by-one. 

[1.] Product Export-Import for WooCommerce:- 

Import-Export is such a fundamental thing on any e-commerce website. There are thousands of products on an e-commerce website and therefore the amount of data that you have to enter is huge. If you do it manually, it will become a tedious task and it will decrease your work efficiency. Instead of that if you use, Product Export-Import for WooCommerce plugin, it will help you to import as well export all the products in a CSV format, which is fantastic.!   

[2.] WooCommerce Checkout Manager:- 

If you’re a developer who is working in a WooCommerce Development Company, they must be aware of this plugin as it will come very handy in any of your e-commerce projects. This plugin helps the developers to customize all the fields in the WooCommerce checkout page. Using this plugin, you can add new fields to the checkout page, hide specific fields if you want to, upload files and export the orders to various customers according to your requirement.  

[3.] WooCommerce Product Filter:- 

This is one of the most important that you should not miss out on as a developer. Every e-commerce website owners want that the customers should be able to filter out the product for their convenience. That’s where WooCommerce Product filter could be your best choice as it allows you to set up the product filter for any e-commerce website which will filter the product according to various categories, tags, attributes, price, etc. which is loved by every customer. 

[4.] Beeketing for WooCommerce:- 

If you’re an owner of a company who wants to set up the -commerce website using the WooCommerce Development Services, then you want that the whole online storefront has a functionality of marketing automation. That’s where Beeketing for WooCommerce plugin comes into play as it allows the developer to set up a marketing automation suite which includes all the functionalities related to the sales and marketing such as UpSell, Cross-Sell, Discount etc. 

[5.] Metrilo WooCommerce Analytics:- 

As a business owner, when you set up an online storefront using an e-commerce platform, you always want to track its performance in terms of sales and conversions that are happening on daily as well as monthly basis. That’s where Metrilo WooCommerce Analytics could be your best bet as allows to track all the important KPIs for your business. In addition to that, it gives you all the information about various products, sale, retention analysis & customer journey.  

[6.] WooCommerce Multilingual:- 

Are you looking to set up your e-commerce website in multiple languages? Do you have customers all around the globe? Then, WooCommerce Multilingual plugin should be your best choice. Using this plugin, you can translate everything from WooCommerce website right from the product, categories, offers, attributes, etc. In addition to that, WooCommerce Multilingual will allow you to keep the same language right through to the checkout process. 

[7.] WooCommerce Currency Switcher:- 

If you’re running a successful business which has expanded its wings in many countries, then it is necessary for your e-commerce website to have the functionality of switching between various types of currency as the different customer wants to do the transaction in their native currency. That’s where WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin can be very useful as it not only allows to switch between the various currencies but also allow you to convert them in real-time.  

[8.] WooCommerce PDF & Print:- 

Now, when you think from the user’s perspective, you will realize that each user wants a receipt of what he/she has purchased so that they can keep it as a proof of the purchase. That’s where WooCommerce surge ahead of its competitors as it provides the developer with a WooCommerce
PDF & Print plugin which allows the developer to set up the print button for the users. By using this button, the users can easily take the print out of any product information, if required. 

[9.] Stripe Payment Gateway:- 

As a developer, when you’re setting up an e-commerce website, one thing that always needs to be integrated with the website is payment gateway. Without payment gateway, your e-commerce website is of no use. In the earlier times, WooCommerce was only supporting PayPal and therefore you had to integrate that into your system. But today, there is a plugin called Stripe Payment Gateway which is free of cost and which is easy to install and understand for the developer. 

Final Thoughts…

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much I did while creating it for all you wonderful people. After reading this article, you will enrich your knowledge base about the WooCommerce Plugins which will eventually help you as a developer when you work with WooCommerce development in future. Thank You.! 

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