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12 Best PHP Libraries That Every Developer Should Be Aware Of

Are you working in a PHP Development Company? OR Are you an owner of an IT company who is providing PHP Development Services to the customers? Then, you must have an idea about the PHP libraries, isn’t it? Any developer who is working on the PHP programming language for a long time must have an understanding of the core PHP libraries, without a pinch of a doubt and the reason for that is, without knowing that, it is impossible to work in PHP language. 

Today, if you ask any developer who is working in PHP Application Development for a long time about the significance of PHP libraries, he/she will definitely tell you that, libraries are like a building block on which the whole building of PHP development will be built. Therefore, as an aspiring developer who wants to develop a career in PHP, you must know in depth about the PHP libraries, as it will help you in the future when you will be given a task to develop a web app. 

Now, if you’re in the IT industry for a while now, then you must have seen ads of many IT companies on the social media sites which are saying that they are looking to Hire PHP Programmer or they are looking to Hire PHP Web Developer. The reason for that is, PHP programming language is in huge demand in the industry at the moment and the developer who is aware of the PHP libraries will get an opportunity to work with big MNCs in the future.

For the above the scenario to become reality for you, you have to start learning about the PHP libraries. But, the challenge is to find an authenticated or reputed website or blogger page, which gives you the correct and in-depth information. 

Now, Are you worried about how to know the PHP libraries? Then, don’t be so. Today, I’m going to give the list of 12 best PHP libraries will make your job much easier than ever before. So, why for anything to happen? Let’s get straight into the thick of things and analyze each library one-by-one. 

[1.] PChart:- 

PChart is one of the most useful PHP libraries to have come across in the PHP programming language. The main purpose of PChart is to help the developer to generate visual charts out of the text data. The text can data can be displayed in the form of tabular form, bar chart, pie chart or any other format. So, as a developer, you should start exploring & learning this library in-depth.  

[2.] Services_JSON:- 

If you ask any PHP Development Company about which is the most useful PHP library that comes really handy on daily basis, then they will surely mention about Services_JSON. Services_JSON allows the developers to transmit the human-readable data, which is absolute fantastic.! You can find this library in the upper version of PHP, i.e. PHP 5.2.0. and above. 

[3.] phpAES:- 

As a developer, when you’re dealing with any web development process, security is your biggest concern. That’s where phpAES can be really useful to the developers, as it allows the developers secure the whole application by implementing encryption cipher of 128, 192 and 256 bit AES. phpAES is fully functional and compliant with FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards).

[4.] ReCaptcha:- 

ReCaptcha is not only one of the most useful but also innovative PHP libraries to have come in the PHP Development Services. Today, when security is a major issue for website owners around the globe, Captcha is the best way to overcome that problem. That’s where ReCaptcha can be of great help, as it allows developers to integrate the CAPTCHA system on the website.

[5.] ImageWorkShop:- 

ImageWorkShop is one of the most amazing PHP libraries to have come into the software market. When you’re dealing with any website application development, you have to deal with the variety of images and its manipulation. That’s where ImageWorkShop plays an integral role as it allows the developers to crop, resize, edit,  add watermarks and make thumbnails of the images.  

[6.] Akismet:- 

As a developer, who is working on the PHP Application Development for a long time, must know the importance of removing spammy comments from the website. But, nowadays due to various tactics employed by the hackers, it becomes difficult to identify the comment as spam. That’s where Akismet can be of great help, as it allows decide if the comments are spam or not.

[7.] Faker:- 

When you’re dealing with the complex Website Application Development, you need a dummy database of large size, to be able to test the functionality of the application. Now, doing that task manually can be a real headache for any developers. That’s where the role of Faker comes into the picture, as it allows the developers to generate the fake data for testing, whenever it is required.  

[8.] SimplePie:- 

SimplePie is one of the most amazing PHP libraries that is used widely nowadays by the developers across the globe for PHP Web Application Development. SimplePie allows the developers to create RSS feeds, which is used to syndicate the content on the web. In addition to that, SimplePie covers the variety of languages sets and platforms, which is absolutely amazing.! 

[9.] PHP Export XLS Class:- 

When you’re developing a complex PHP web application, you have to deal with exporting the data for analysis purpose. That’s where PHP Export XLS Class can be of great help as it allows the developers to export the different kinds of data to .xls file format. In addition to that, it is extremely lightweight, fast and simplest PHP library, which is an awesome news for developers.  

[10.] PHP CPP Library:- 

As you know that, CPP means C++ and when you want to use the functionalities of C++ in the PHP web application development process, you have to use PHP CPP Library. Basically, PHP CPP library is used by the developers to create various PHP native extensions. The main advantage of this library is that it is easy to use and comes with very well documented classes.  

[11.] Mink:- 

Mink is one of the most wonderful PHP libraries to have come in the market, which has really made the developer’s job very easy. Actually, Mink is used for testing the interaction of web application between different browsers. In addition to that, Mink also helps the developers to identify differences between APIs and then, eliminate them, which creates a better environment. 

[12.] phpDocumentor:- 

phpDocumentor is one of the unique PHP libraries to have come into the PHP application environment in the last few years. It is an auto-documentation tool which allows the developers to create various professional documents using the PHP programming language. Some of the great features of this library are linking docs, creating highlighting source code & customization. 

Summing Things…

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did while creating it for you all wonderful people and it helps you all to be aware of the 12 best PHP libraries which will eventually assist you in your future software projects. Thank You.! 

If you’re looking to Hire PHP Developer, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced developers who will help you all to craft a wonderful website in PHP for your business, firm, organization or company according to your requirements. 

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