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10 Web Development Trends That Will Shape The Future of The IT Industry in 2018

Are you working as a developer in Website Development Company? OR Are you someone who is running a successful Web Design Company? Then, you must have the knowledge about the current trends or the technology that is taking the whole IT world by storm. If you’re working in an IT industry for a long time, you should know that every day there is a new technology or the trend that is emerging in the market and you have to be aware of all the new trends.

We are living in the 21st century and it is an era of technology and innovations. The same applies to the IT industry where if you’re working in a Web Design Agency, but you’re not aware of the latest technologies that are in the market, you will throw out of the market sooner rather than later. As with every year, this year also, the new trend will emerge into the market and that developer or designer who is aware of the latest trends in advance will surge ahead. 

Now, the real challenge starts from here, every day a new technology emerges into the market then how can you know about all the latest trends and that too in advance? Are you worried? Do you want to know the latest trend? Then, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the ride as we analyze the top 10 Web Development Trends. So, why wait for anything? Let’s go straight into the action and analyze each trend one-by-one. 

[1.] Rise of Javascript:-

Javascript has been one of the most popular programming languages as far any developer of the Web Development Agency is concerned. In fact, last Javascript was in demand and it is predicted by many experts that in 2018, Javascript will rise one level above all the other languages. The reason for its immense popularity is credited to its 3 major frameworks: Angularjs, Node.js & React library which has truly revolutionized the art of web development.  

[2.] ChatBots:-

ChatBots are playing a critical role as far the communication or the messaging purpose is a concern. Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. are using it to their advantage. ChatBots are created on the basis of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks and they’re becoming very popular in the IT industry. In 2018, where it is believed that ChatBots will play a huge role in the website development, you should start learning its basics concepts in advance. 

[3.] Progressive Web Apps (PWA):-

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is another trend that every Website Design Company should be aware of. Developed by Google in 2015, PWA is a website which feels like the native mobile applications. What actually happens in PWA is that it could be kept as a shortcut on the home screen of the mobile and user can use it when he/she wants to. Another advantage of PWA is that it doesn’t store cache and that’s why it loads very fast. In 2018, PWA will rule the roost, for sure.

[4.] Internet of Things (IoT):-

Internet of Things (IoT) has been one of the biggest revolutions that have taken place in the industry as far as the last 4-5 years is concerned. As we are moving into 2018, the rise of smart devices have already started to take place and for connecting these smart devices, there will be a need for the Internet of Things. In addition to that, IoT opens brand new dimensions of opportunity for businesses and it also allows you to increase the accuracy, which is critical. 

[5.] Single Page Websites:-

Single Page Websites are in massive demand as far as the IT field is a concern. Last year, Single Page Websites have really come into its own and in 2018, it is expected that many Website Development Company will move towards this trend. As the name suggests, Single Page Website is composed of a one-single page that consists of all the content that any website needs. The main USP of Single Page Website is that it reduces complexity as far as a user is concerned.

[6.] Static Websites:-

Actually, Static Website is not a new trend. In the earlier times, when the technology was not evolved the only way to create a website was by creating web pages but as the web development field evolved, the rise of dynamic websites came into play. In 2018, it is expected that once again the trend of Static Websites will come back into the market and that too with upgrades as the invention of various static-site generators such as Hexo & GitBook will add fuel to this process.  

[7.] Motion UI:-

If you’re working in a Web Design Company, then you must have realized that over the years the industry is moving towards simplicity. Users are tired of flashy images and GIFs in a website design that was used frequently in the earlier times. That’s where the role of Motion UI comes into the picture as it allows the developer to create a sophisticated UI but at the same time it also allows you to add the animations to your website which makes it stand out from the rest.  

[8.] Blockchain:-

In the recent times, you must have heard about Bitcoins. It is one type of cryptocurrency which has become way too popular in the last year or so. Now, in BitCoin, the technology that used for the transaction purpose is known as Blockchain. Actually, Blockchain is a continuous growing list of blocks or data which is updated on a frequent basis. In 2018, when cryptocurrency will play a major role, Blockchain is one technology that you must start learning, as a developer. 

[9.] Google AMP:-

AMP is an abbreviation for Accelerated Mobile Pages. The concept was introduced by Google in 2016 and today, every Website Development Company is using this concept. The main of AMP pages is to reduce the load on the hosting server and improve the User-Experience (UX). In 2018, AMP pages are going to be a game changer and therefore as a developer, you must start learning the concept of AMP pages and how we can implement AMP into our websites. 

[10.] End of Flash Era-:

Flash was something that grabs the attention of each & every visitor who visited your website in the earlier times. Flash allowed the developers to add animations to the website and make it look much more attractive and crafty than ever before. However, in 2018, every web developer should move away from the flash as Adobe has already announced that they’re not going to support Flash after 2020. So, 2018 will be the beginning of the end for the Flash-based websites.

Closing Thoughts…

After reading thousands of blogs of various experts, analyzing millions of surveys from the reputed agencies and conducting the meeting with the industry experts, I have made a list of 10 Web Development Trends that will shape the future of IT industry in 2018. I hope that this article will make you aware of the latest technologies which will help you in your future web development projects. Thank You.!  

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