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7 Amazing Maintenance Tips For Running Your WordPress Website In A Smooth Sailing Manner

Are you working as a developer in a WordPress Development Company? OR Are you an owner of a company who is providing WordPress Development Services to the various clients? Then, you must know that developing a website for your business, company or organization using WordPress CMS is not enough, you have to properly maintain that website as well. Only after that, your website will run in a smooth sailing manner for a long time and produce great results.

If you’re working in a Wordpress Web Development Company for a long time, then you should know that WordPress has been in huge demand nowadays in the IT industry and therefore, you must have seen many ads on the various social media sites regarding Custom WordPress Development. Today, almost 30% websites on the internet which are active are powered by Wordpress and therefore, you can understand the significance of Wordpress CMS.

As you know that, WordPress is the best CMS in the business and therefore, all the business owners are planning to develop their website on the WordPress platform. If the experts are to be believed then, WordPress has been regarded as the future king of the website development. Due to this, all the people are rushing towards WordPress Web Design Company in order to develop the website for their business, company or organization, for that matter. 

Now, as a business owner, if you’re looking for developing your website in WordPress, nothing like it.! But, the real problem starts after the development of the website and that problem is of maintenance. Most of the business owners around the world believe that, once they have developed their website in WordPress, they don’t need to look at the website at all, which is not true at all. You have to maintain your WordPress website at regular intervals to enhance its performance. 

The massive challenge starts from here on for the business owner as well for the developer who has developed a great website on the Wordpress platform, but who doesn’t have an idea about how to maintain that website so that it runs smoothly over a long period of time. If you do not give importance to the maintenance aspects, then I tell you what, you’re in massive trouble mate because; your website will degrade with every passing year and it will create a lot of issues for you.

Now, Are you worried about how a maintain your Wordpress website? Then, don’t be so. Today, I’m going to give you 7 amazing maintenance tips for WordPress website which will ease out all your problems. So, why wait for anything to happen? Let’s get straight into the thick of things and analyze each tip one-by-one. 

[1.] Update Your Website On A Regular Interval:- 

If you’re working in a WordPress Development Company for a long time, then you will have an idea that, you have to update the WordPress website on a regular interval as all the latest updates or the bugs which were in the previous are resolved in the latest version, which obviously improves the performance. According to a survey by Sucuri, 56% of the WordPress sites were out of date and that created massive issues related to the security and therefore, it becomes very important that you always install the latest updates from the WordPress. 

[2.] Always Take Regular Backups:- 

Backups are such a critical part of any website development projects and without, it is impossible to imagine the life of a software developer or software designer, for that matter. The same is the case with WordPress Development Services where you have to be careful about taking regular backups. Suppose, you’re working on a complex web application on WordPress and due to some error, your whole data gets lost, then you will be in massive trouble. So, to avoid that scenario always keep 3 backups of your own data. 2 on your computer drive and 1 on the cloud storage. 

[3.] Check For Falsely Spam Comment:- 

Now, if you’re a developer who is working on the WordPress Plugin Development, then you must be following this step for while doing the maintenance for your website. This is because, sometimes what happens is that while adding a new plugin to the website, some technical issue occurs and because of that the comments on your website or blog gets flagged as spam, even though they are high-quality and positive comments. So, as a WordPress developer, you should always check twice that, whether your good comments are being flagged as a spam or not. 

[4.] Clean And Optimize Your Database:- 

Suppose you’re a developer who is working on the WordPress Theme Development for the website on a regular basis, then you have to deal with a huge amount of database every day. You have to fire hundreds of queries for the CRUD operations which creates a lot of overhead on your website and degrades its performance. The reason for that is, a lot of temp files and junks are created every day in the database In order to avoid that, what you can do is, install the WP-Sweep which clean up the whole database and optimize the performance of the website. 

[5.] Always Check For Broken Links:- 

Broken links are such a damaging factor in any WordPress Website Development process because; it degrades the performance of the website massively, which is not a great news for all the developers who work so hard behind each and every project. Now, there are 2 types of links which can broken links: Internal Links and External Links. While doing the maintenance process, you should always check this as it also hurts your SEO, which is very critical to your success. So, install the Broken Link Checker plugin on the website and resolve this error.  

[6.] Monitor The 404 Pages And Setup Redirects:- 

This is one of the most critical points that every WordPress developer should not miss out on while conducting the audit of your website. Suppose, you have developed a website a year ago and it’s working very well and you’re having a huge success due to that in your business. But, sometimes what happens is that due to some error, some random URL is generated which directs the user to 404 error page, which obviously creates a very bad impression among the users. So, to avoid that, install the Redirection plugin, which sets up the proper redirection.  

[7.] Check The Loading Time Of Each WebPage:- 

Last but not the least is the loading time of each web page of your WordPress Website. You all know that, in today's time, loading time of the website is a significant factor in the success of your business. Now, you may be thinking that how that’s related? Let me explain this. Loading time of the website is such a critical factor in determining your rank on the Google search engine and if you’re not ranking well on the Google, no one will visit your website, which eventually affects your business. Therefore, always make sure that you check the loading time of each web page. 

Final Thoughts…

I hope that you had a great time reading this article. After reading this article, you will be aware of the tips to maintain the WordPress website for running in a smooth sailing manner for a long time, which will eventually help you in maintaining the WordPress website for your business, company or organization. Thank You.!

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