Monday, February 12, 2018

8 Characteristics of CodeIgniter Framework that makes it Stand Out from the Rest

Are you working in a PHP Development Company? OR Are you an owner of a Website Development Company who is working on PHP frameworks? Then, you must have heard about CodeIgniter Framework for sure. Nowadays, there is a lot of demand of CodeIgniter in the IT industry and the main reason for that is CodeIgniter is the lightest PHP framework till date.

Now, if you’re working in a Web Design Company, then you must have seen that there are many companies in the market who have started to offer to offer CodeIgniter Development Services as a part of their core services.

But do you know, why there is a lot of demand of CodeIgniter Development Company in the recent times and why it has become the first choice of every developer around the globe? The answer would be NO, isn’t it? The reason for that is, as a developer we are using CodeIgniter in our daily routine but most of us haven’t analyzed in deep that why it is so successful.

Are you worried about not knowing the CodeIgniter framework in-depth? Then don’t be so. To solve all your problems regarding CodeIgniter framework, I have decided to write this blog. In this blog, I would discuss the top 8 characteristics of the CodeIgniter framework which makes it stand out from the rest.

But before going into the details of that, we need to have a clear idea about CodeIgniter framework and how it works. I’m sure that many of you’re developers who are currently working on the CodeIgniter and they must an idea about how it works, but for those who are not familiar with it, let’s have a brief idea about it. 

What is CodeIgniter?

According to Wikipedia, CodeIgniter is an open-source web framework which is used for building rapidly as well dynamic websites using PHP language. It is based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture and that’s why it has gained massive popularity among the developers. The framework was developed by British Columbia Institute of Technology in 2006 and from thereon, it has been widely used by the developers around the globe.

The USP of the CodeIgniter framework is that it’s one of the most lightweight frameworks. Normally, when you think about any framework, you would surely think that the framework will provide me with all the functionalities but it will surely take a while to process. But in case of CodeIgniter, it’s a framework which is fast & light and because of this uniqueness, it has become the first choice framework for many developers.

After reading this section, you must have got an idea of what is CodeIgniter and how it works. But still, there would be the question running in your mind that, what makes CodeIgniter stand out from the others? So, to answer that question, let’s analyze it’s top 8 characteristics.

[1.] MVC-Based Framework:-

One of the biggest assets of CodeIgniter framework is that it is based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural pattern and as a developer, you know that MVC model makes it easier for you to deal with the complex web application. It allows to separate out the view and controller option which greatly reduces the complexity of the whole development process. In addition to that, it allows the developers to build their own core libraries. 

[2.] Extremely Light Weight:-

Perhaps this is one of the main characteristics which make CodeIgniter stand out from the rest of the frameworks. By lightweight, we mean that it is very fast and agile framework in which you have to write very fewer instructions for executing any program. That's why CodeIgniter framework is one of the best PHP Framework. Generally, when you talk to any developer about any framework, he/she will surely complain about it being very slow. In contrast, CodeIgniter is a framework but at the same time, it’s very rapid.

[3.] Excellent Error Handling:-

Dealing with error or exception is a part of any developer's daily routine when he/she is developing any web application. But when you talk about dealing with Codeigniter Web Services, you don’t need to worry too much as the framework has an excellent mechanism for error handling. The reason the excellent error handling is the simple and easy-to-use user interface which makes it easy to detect errors throughout any application globally.

[4.] Form Validation:-

If you’re working as a website developer for a long time in the IT industry, then you must know that you have to deal with validation of form on daily basis. Form validation is one issue that many experienced developers get confused with but with the help of CodeIgniter framework, your task is very simple. You can write the whole code for validation in the single line without any errors as the framework validator will take care of the things.

[5.] Ease of Migration:-

Migration is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks for any website developer as there are various dependencies and complexities associated with it. When you migrate any website, you have to be really careful as you deal with the server on regular basis. But with the help of CodeIgniter, your task becomes much simpler. The database schema update is taken care of very beautifully and whole migration process is done in a hassle-free way. 

[6.] Very Few Requirements:-

Compared to other frameworks of PHP, CodeIgniter has very few server requirements that need to be fulfilled. Therefore, as a developer, it gives you the flexibility to switch between various version of PHP. Sometimes, what happens is that you have work on two different projects at the same time, one may be PHP4 and other in PHP5. That’s where CodeIgniter comes into play as it allows the developers to switch between the different version of PHP & develop the app.

[7.] Security:-

One of the main factor that you’re worried about as a developer is the security of your web application. Any website has a vast amount of data associated with it and if the web app security has been breached, you can be in huge trouble. That’s where CodeIgniter is very different from another framework as it provides the built-in tools for the security. In addition to that, it also allows you to adjust the level of security according to your requirement, which is great.!

[8.] Awesome Community:-

One of the main factors that you consider while choosing a framework for your web development is that whether the framework provides online support for developers or not. When you any query related to CodeIgniter framework, you can ask it in the online forum. There are many experts on the forum who will provide you with a various solution which will be helpful to you. There are more than 50,000 people in the community, which is great news for any newbie.

Summing Things…

After analyzing thousand of articles, reading hundreds of blogs and conducting the meeting with experienced developers, I have come up with 8 characteristics of Codeigniter framework which makes it stand out from the rest. I hope that after reading this blog, all your confusion related to CodeIgniter will be removed and it will make you aware of the key features of Codeigniter, which will eventually help you in website development. Thank You.!

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