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Why AngularJS is Regarded As The King Of Front-End Web Development?

Are you an owner in a Front-End Development Company? OR Are you a developer who is currently working in an AngularJS Development Company? Then, you must have the knowledge about AngularJS Framework, for sure. In the last few years, AngularJS has become the number one choice of any front-end developer. Nowadays, you may have seen many companies who are providing the AngularJS Development Services on a regular basis. 

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Whether you’re dealing with any website development or you’re working with an mobile app development, you must have come across AngularJS Framework or you must have heard about it being so popular. In today’s time, AngularJS has become the killer buzzword of the IT industry and if you’re from the software field, then you must have heard from the experts that AngularJS is the next big thing and it is going to take the industry by storm in the next decade or so. 

But, have you thought that Why AngularJS has been recognized so much by the developers? What is that one specialty that makes AngularJS the go-to choice many developers as well as the designers across the globe? The answer would be NO in most cases, isn’t it? There is a trend of blind following in the recent times and that has also applied to AngularJS Web Development where everyone will praise this framework but no one knows the real thing behind its success.

So, in order to break the cloud of doubts and make you aware of the latest trend in the IT Industry, I have decided to write this article. In this article, I would give and discuss various reasons due to which AngularJS has become the king of front-end web development. But, before going into that details of that, you need to have the basic idea about AngularJS and how it works. 

According to Wikipedia, AngularJS is a Javascript-based open-source framework which was developed by Google in 2010. The main behind making this framework was to ease out the front-end web application development and increase the pace of the whole process. 

Now, you must have got an idea of what is AngularJS and what was the purpose of inventing this framework. So, let’s shift our focus to the main point and discuss various reasons due to which AngularJS is regarded as the king of front-end web development. 

[1.] Proper MVC Architecture:-

If you’re working in IT industry for a long time, then you must have come across various framework which says that we follow the MVC architectural pattern. But, in reality, they don’t follow it’s routine. They allow to separate out your app using MVC, but when there is a requirement to join the whole app, you have to write an extra piece of code. Instead of that, in  AngularJS, you have still your app, the rest will take care of the framework itself. 

[2.] Declarative UI:-

When you’re dealing with Mobile App Development, UI & UX becomes a significant part of your development process. If the look & feel of the app is not right, it will be a real disaster for you. But, when you’re working on AngularJS Mobile App Development, then you don’t have to worry too much about UI. AngularJS uses HTML to define any UI and it is a declarative language. Therefore you don’t have to deal with all the tedious procedures of Javascript. 

[3.] Supported by Google:-

This is one of the premier reason behind the huge success of AngularJS framework. As we all know that, Google has become such a trustworthy brand among the customers in the last decade or so and when the developer hear that AngularJS is backed by Google, they are assured that, they will be working with a solid base which will provide all the necessary support. That’s why there is a lot of demand for AngularJS App Development in the IT industry. 

[4.] Data Models are POJO:-

When you’re working with any front-end development process, you have to deal with various data models and if that data model is based on Java Beans, then you have to deal with lots of complex codes. But, with AngularJS, your job becomes much simpler as it follows POJO rule for all data models. POJO means Plain Old Javascript Objects and they don’t require any getter or setter function to access any objects, which makes the job of the developer very easy. 

[5.] Declare with Code:-

AngularJS follows directive paradigm for making various types patterns and you know that the frameworks which allow directive paradigm reduces the complexity of the whole front-end development process. So, when you’re working with AngularJS framework, there is always an added advantage that you just have to mention the end results steps and not the in-between processing steps, which makes your code lightweight and much simpler to read. 

[6.] Effective Data Binding:-

Data Binding is one aspect of the development which has always created a discomfort for any developer around the world. Even, the most experienced developers sometimes find it really tough to manage the data binding in a proper way. That’s where AngularJS is different as it offers you the feature of 2-way binding where, if you any change in the UI, it will reflect in the app and vice versa. Therefore, the job of the developer becomes that much simpler for sure. 

[7.] Support for Parallel Development:-

In the recent times, there is a massive trend of parallel development in the IT industry among the developers. Basically, in parallel development, the whole team is working on one complex project and each module has to be separately developed. That’s where the role of AngularJS comes into the picture as it not only allows the developers to write & test the code in parallel but also allows the developers to reuse the code of other developers without integration problems. 

[8.] Linking Power:-

In today’s time, everything is live, you need to be careful about various URL that you have to deal with. Nowadays, URL is not only limited to a particular page but the separate modules of the page are also linked with the URL. For that to happen, you need to implement the concept of deep linking. That’s where the role of AngularJS comes into play as it provides with all the inbuilt features which allow implementing the concept of deep linking in your web applications. 

[9.] Awesome User Experience:-

In addition to the coding-related advantage, AngularJS also offers with the features of improving the User Experience (UX) which is the most important thing as without improving that any great application will not work in the market. AngularJS helps you to make an app which extremely attractive to look and feel. For that purpose, it provides you various ready-made modules and libraries which reduces workload and increases the speed of development.  

[10.] One for the Future:-

In addition to all the technical specification, AngularJS is also ready to take over the future. For that purpose, the framework has already launched the improved version of AngularJS, which is AngularJS 2.0. In this version, you have various special features like tight integration with ECMA6, mobile-specific routing, internationalization, hierarchical dependency rejection, etc. Because of this types of functionalities, AngularJS is the king of front-end development.  

Closing Thoughts…

I hope that you had a great time reading this article. After reading this article, you will be aware of AngularJS and why it is regarded as the king of the front-end web development, which will help you to make a better decision in your front-end development process. Thank You.!

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