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Magento Vs Shopify: The Ultimate Showdown For Being The Best E-Commerce Platform In the World

Are you an owner of a Magento Development Company? Are you someone who is working as a developer in an IT firm who is providing the Magento Development Services to all the client around the world? Then, you must have the knowledge of working with the e-commerce website development, without a pinch of a doubt. Today, e-commerce websites are ruling the roost, as far as the IT industry is concerned and therefore, as a developer, you should know about e-commerce website development and what are the most famous platform for it, in today’s time.

Magento VS Shopify

Now, if you’re in IT industry for a while, you must have heard about two e-commerce platforms, without a pinch of a doubt. First is the Magento and second is Shopify, isn’t it? Today, there is a massive demand for Magento E-Commerce Development as well as the Shopify Development Services in the IT industry. We all know that we’re living in the 21st century, where digitization is the need of the art. Therefore, every business owner is looking to develop an online storefront for its business and that’s where the role of these e-commerce platforms comes into the picture.  

If you’re someone who is associated with the IT sector in one way or the other, then you must have seen many ads on the social media sites regarding Magento and Shopify Development Company, isn't? The reason for that is, Magento and Shopify have emerged as one of the best e-commerce platforms in the last few years and therefore, it becomes important for you to be aware of the functionalities of these two platforms. Now, you must have heard about the ongoing battle between these two platforms, as who is the best e-commerce platform as of now. 

Now, if you carefully analyze the trends of the IT industry over the years, then you will know that, whenever two great technologies or platforms come into the IT market, one after the another, the comparison between them starts building. Everyone has an opinion about it and tech-giants starts giving their analysis or the view on it. The same has applied to the case of Magento and Shopify, where there is a huge battle going on the industry about who is the best E-commerce platform right now and which platform has the bright future among the two of them.  

The whole IT industry is divided into the two groups on this subject. The Magento Web Developers are obviously taking the side of the Magento platform, while the Shopify Web Designers is taking the side of Shopify platform. Now, what happens in this heated discussion is that a common people can not get the best perspective on this. They will be very confused about whether Magento is the best OR Shopify is the best in reality and the reason for that is, all the discussion or opinion are absolutely biased and tilted towards one side, there’s no balance in it.

Now, the challenge is to find to find a website or a blog or an article, that does not take the side of Magento E-Commerce Developer OR Shopify App Development, but provides an unbiased opinion on based on the various feature comparison. Then & then only, you will able to understand both the e-commerce platform in-depth. 

Are you worried about how to know the best e-commerce platform based on features? Then, don’t be so. Today, I’m going to give you the most comprehensive guide on Magento vs Shopify based on features which will remove all your confusion regarding the best e-commerce platform in the business. So, why wait for anything? Let’s go straight into the action and analyze each feature one-by-one. 

[1.] Popularity:- 

One of the main things that you always look at when comparing two platforms or technologies is that how much popular they are among the common people. That will give you an idea about the ground-zero report. Now, if you at the number of sites that powered by the Shopify Website Design, is only 6% of the top sites, while in case of Magento it powers almost 14% of top websites in the world. In addition to that, you see Google searches, Magento wins hands down. 

Winner: Magento

[2.] Speed & Performance:- 

Now, this one of the most critical factors that determine the success of any platform or technology. As a developer, when you’re choosing an e-commerce platform, you will always choose that platform which gives you great speed and performance. That’s where Shopify rises above Magento, as Shopify comes with an in-built hosting solution, so users don't need to worry about speed. While in case of Magento, you only have to choose your hosting provider, which is really tricky. 

Winner: Shopify

[3.] Coding:- 

If you talk about the Magento Development Services, they are more popular among the developer’s community compared to Shopify. The reason for that is, Magneto is an open-source platform in which you have to code in PHP programming language, which is known by most of the programmers. While in case of Shopify, you have performed the whole development in a brand new programming language known as Liquid, which can be a really big ask for any programmer.

Winner: Magento

[4.] Cost:- 

When you talk to any IT expert around the globe about the cost these two e-commerce platforms, they will surely that, Shopify Web Development Company will charge you more than any Magento based company. The reason for that is, Magento is an open-source platform and therefore, it is available free of cost. You just have to pay the hosting charges for that. While in case of Shopify, you have to pay $29/month for basic and  $79/month for the premium package.

Winner: Magento

[5.] Scalability:- 

Scalability is possibly one of the biggest issues that you face as a developer when you’re dealing with an e-commerce website. The reason for that is, e-commerce store needs to be expanded at any moment, to add more products to it. That’s where Custom Magento Development will score very heavily over the Shopify development because; Magento is an e-commerce platform which can be scaled easily according to the requirements, while with Shopify, that’s not the case.

Winner: Magento

[6.] SEO Friendliness:- 

One of the main reason why there is so much demand for Magento Development Company in the IT sector is that Magento is more SEO friendly than any other e-commerce platform. Today, when SEO is ruling the roost in the IT industry, it becomes important for the business owners to choose an e-commerce platform, which provides you greater support for the SEO. That’s where Magento rises above Shopify, as it offers the developers with great tools and plugins for SEO. 

Winner: Magento

Final Verdict…

After so much feature comparison, it’s time now for the final verdict. Now, as you all know that, comparing two of the best e-commerce tools was quite a task for me. There is no one-size-fits-all of the type of approach when you choose any e-commerce platform. But, when you compare both Magento and Shopify based on various features, you will realize that Magento is ahead of Shopify on most terms. Therefore, my verdict goes in the favor of Magento and it wins the ultimate battle for being the best e-commerce platform in the world, without a pinch of a doubt.!

Closing Thoughts…

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did while creating it for you and it helps you all to be aware of the best e-commerce platform in the business, which will eventually help you when you are developing your own e-commerce website in the future. Thank You.!

If you’re looking to Hire Magento Developer OR Hire Shopify Developer, feel free to connect with us. We have a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who will help you all to develop a great e-commerce website in Shopify or Magento for your business, firm, organization or company according to your needs. 

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