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Node.js Vs Java: The Battle For Predominance In The IT World

Are you working as a developer or designer in Website Development Company? OR Are you someone who is running a successful Web Design Company? Then, you must have heard about the battle between Node.js and Java. Today, this has been a topic of hot discussion around the globe in IT sector. If you’re in the IT industry for a long time, then you must be knowing that these two programming languages are ruling the roost in the recent times and therefore, there is a massive debate going on in the industry about who is going to win the ultimate showdown.

Now, if you’re working in a Node JS Development Company, then you must have heard about this discussion among your colleagues or you may have read some article about the Node.js vs Java. Today, if you open any technology or programming related websites, you must see a poll, article, blog or anything else which is related to these two technologies, without a pinch of a doubt. In the last few years, Node.js and Java have been the two most prominent programming languages that take the whole IT industry around the world by storm in such a short time span.

As you all know that, when a new technology comes into the industry, there’s a lot of talk and debate about whether this technology is the best in the business and where it is the future king of the industry. People start giving their opinion on it and experts also start giving their comments regarding it. The same is the case with Node.js and Java, where people have started to form an opinion that, this technology is best or this is not the best in the business. But, the problem with that is, there is no practical proof of what they are saying, which creates a massive confusion. 

Now, generally what happens is that, if you’re working in a company who is providing Node JS Development Services, then you will obviously favor the Node.js, but if you’re working as Java developer, then you will favor Java instead of Node.js, without a pinch of a doubt. 

This kind of scenario can be really confusing for newbies or for someone who is unaware of all the technical stuff. So, the question is, how to know the authenticated websites or surveys which takes sides of no one but reveal the truth based on feature comparisons. 

Are you worried? Then don’t be so. Today, I’m going to give the ultimate comparison guide about Node.js and Java based on various features, which will clear all your doubts regarding which is the best programming language. So, why wait for anything to happen? Let’s get straight into the thick of things and analyze each feature one-by-one. 

[1.] Usability:- 

Usability is the first thing, that you look at when you analyze any programming languages. That’s where Node JS Backend Framework scores very heavily over Java and the reason for that is Node.js is ubiquitous. By ubiquitous, you mean that Node.js can be used for both client-side programming as well as server-side programming, which is absolute fantastic.! But when it comes to the case of Java, it can only be utilized for server-side programming purpose.

Winner: Node.js

[2.] Support:- 

This is another very important factor that every programmer considers before choosing a programming language for software development process. If the programming language has a great support and online community, it becomes easy for the newbie to switch to that language, as he/she will a lot of help from the experts. That’s where Java scores heavily over the Node.js as Java has a better online community as well as the support compared to the Node JS Libraries.

Winner: Java

[3.] Performance:- 

When it comes to the performance, we have to say that both Node.js and Java are on par with each other. There is no way you can separate out both the programming languages of each other, as both have a variety of good features for the programmers. But, if you analyzed in-depth, you will realize that, when it comes to creating simple web applications with API, Node.js wins the race and when it comes to enterprise-level applications, there is no stopping for Java. 

Winner: Both Node.js and Java, according to a different scenario

[4.] Rock-Solid Foundation:- 

When you talk about having a rock-solid foundation, Node JS App Development lags behind the Java app development and the reason for that is, Java was created by the Sun Microsystems 20 years ago. Therefore, the trust that is has established among the developer’s community across the globe is hard to match for a language like Node.js. As Node.js has entered the IT market, a few years ago, there is still not the level of trust that you want to see among the developers. 

Winner: Java

[5.] Database Queries:- 

Now, when you work with any software development process, you have to deal with lots of database queries, in order to access and display the data from the database servers. For that purpose, you have to write a lot of code, if you’re working in Java as SQL and Java are very different from each other. But, when it comes to Node.js, you can use CouchDB, which is written in Javascript. Therefore, it becomes very easy to shift from Node.js to CouchDB, which is great.!

Winner: Node.js

[6.] JSON:- 

JSON is the need of the art as far as the software industry is concerned. Today, if you ask any of the programmers about whether he/she is using JSON in the coding on daily basis, the answer will be yes in most of the cases. In the recent times, JSON has been in huge demand and therefore, programmers look for the language that supports JSON. That’s where Node.js outperforms Java in a big way, as it JSON is a big part of javascript & Node.js is a javascript based framework. 

Winner: Node.js

[7.] Speed:- 

We all know that today the IT industry is moving towards agile development process, where the software is being developed a rapid pace and therefore when it comes to choosing a programming language, the programmer will obviously look at the speed of the language. That’s where Node.js wins comprehensively over the Java. The reason for that is, it’s very light-weight programming language which doesn’t involve complex concepts like thread and locking. 

Winner: Node.js

The Verdict…

After all the feature comparison and analysis, the time has come for the final verdict to decide who is winning the battle for predominance in the IT world. Now, there’s no one-size fits all type of approach when you choose programming languages. But, based on feature comparison, you can clearly say that Node.js wins over Java in most of the cases, which makes it the candidate for the future king of IT world. That doesn’t mean is Java is bad at all. Java is still an effective language used by many around the globe, but the future is predicting a trend of Node.js.  

Final Thoughts...

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it helps you all to beware about the comparison between Node.js and Java, which will eventually help you in choosing an appropriate programming language for your future projects. Thank You.! 

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