Tuesday, April 17, 2018

9 Things People Didn’t Know They Can Do With Shopify

We all know that today’s era is about digitization and self-promotion. If you’re running your own business, then you must know that without having an online presence of your business, product or service, it’s very difficult to survive in the highly competitive market where there is a cut-throat competition. That’s what we call as a Digital Marketing in the technical terms.

Suppose, you’re a newcomer into today’s market and you have innovated a really good product that can be useful in the daily life of the people but if you have not marketed that properly, you will not be successful and your products will remain unsold., which is not good at all.

Now, if you’re looking to develop your own online store by developing a website, then that’s a good idea. The only thing that can go against you the cost of the project as you don’t have all the modern tools to develop an e-commerce website.

So, in this scenario, the role of giants e-commerce companies comes into the picture as it gives you the facility to not only develop your online store but also offers you the marketing capabilities by which you can grow your sales and increase the revenue for your business.

Now, there are plenty of e-commerce giants which offers you this kind of facility and the challenge is to identify the best one. That’s where Shopify comes into the picture as it is regarded as the best e-commerce platform by many industry experts.  Today, we are going to discuss about 9 things that most of the people didn’t knew about Shopify. But before going into the detail of what you need to know what is Shopify and how it works.

What is Shopify? 

According to Wikipedia, Shopify is an e-commerce company whose headquarter is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 2004 and in the last decade or so, the company has grown from strength to strength. Today, more than 5 lakh merchants are using the Shopify Development Services around the globe, which shows its popularity.

Basically, Shopify provides you an e-commerce solution which allows you to set up your own online store and sell your products. In addition to that, it also lets you customize your storefront, accept payment and track the orders. Over the years, Shopify has grown tremendously and there are many companies in the market who are working as certified Shopify Development Company. In the recent times, Shopify has also launched its APIs which very useful for Shopify App Development.

After looking at above section, you must have got an idea about how Shopify works and why it has gained popularity among the merchants. But still, there would be a question running through your mind that how Shopify is different from the other e-commerce platform and what are those unknown features.

Are you excited to know those features? Do you want to reveal the secret? Then let’s get straight into the action and discuss on those 9 things that people don’t know about Shopify.

[1.] Add E-Commerce Functionality to the Existing Website:-

This is one of the lesser known functionality of Shopify. Most of the Shopify Web Designer know that they can create an online store through Shopify but very few know that it’s also possible to add the e-commerce functionalities to your existing website. You just need to add buy button, which requires a minimal amount of HTML coding.

[2.] Integration with Third-Party Tools:-

If you’re using Shopify for running your online store, you should have an idea about the various functionalities that Shopify offer for your business. But most of the people forget that it also allows integration with third-party tools as well as marketing, sales, social media etc. This is credited to the way Shopify Website Design has been built over the years.

[3.] Allows you to Customize the Look & Feel of your Website:-

Most of the people are interested to use Shopify to develop their online store and sell their product and for that client always get in touch with any Shopify Web Development Company. But very few people know that you can also go to customize the look and feel of your online store website as Shopify provides you various kinds of themes & templates which can be very useful.

[4.] Provide Developers with Various APIs:- 

If you think from the developer’s perspective, they always love to work with Shopify platform and one of the main reason for that is Shopify offers them with a variety of ready-made APIs which helps them tremendously in building an e-commerce website. Shopify provides with all the documentation that is necessary to build the various functionality, which is great.!

[5.] Alignment with Mobile-First Approach:- 

Nowadays, when the whole world is moving towards a mobile-first index, Shopify has also adopted this approach with both hands. Shopify enables the developers to build a website which is mobile-friendly and which offers the same functionalities on your smartphone as on the web. For that purpose, Shopify has added mobile apps and responsive themes to its storefronts.

[6.] Convert Social Media Followers into Customers:- 

One of the great functionalities of Shopify is its partnership with various social media channels for e-commerce websites which helps the merchants to use that data and turn the social media followers into their own customers. By using Shopify you can integrate shopping with your twitter, facebook and Pinterest accounts which gives you more exposure than ever before.

[7.] Facility of Two-Step Authentication Store:- 

When you’re dealing with any website, you are always concerned about its privacy as well the security and when the website is of e-commerce then there more reasons to worry as there are millions of data which are associated with that site. That’s where Shopify is different as it facilitates you with two-step authentication which ensures the security of your website.

[8.] Keyboard Shortcuts for Shopify:- 

You must have heard about various keyboard shortcuts for our computer or laptop. But have you ever heard about the keyboard shortcuts for Shopify Admin? Most of us didn’t know this thing, but there are various keyboard shortcuts by which you can move around the various pages from the Admin Panel. It will increase the productivity of your work and saves your valuable time.

[9.] Facility for Future Publishing:- 

Sometimes there is a scenario in e-commerce websites where you want to make a list of products, collection, page or maybe blog posts that you want to launch in the future at the specific time. For example, you want to launch the winter collection in the month of December. That’s where Future Publishing feature of Shopify comes into the picture as it allows to schedule your launch according to the date & time of your choice.

Closing Thoughts:-

After reading thousands of articles related to Shopify and conducting a meeting with the various industry experts, I have come up with a list 9 things that most of the people don’t know about Shopify. I hope that after reading this article, you will get to know a lot of new things about Shopify which would be helpful to you in the future. Thank You.!

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