Monday, April 2, 2018

10 Awesome Features Of The Latest Version of Laravel: Laravel 5.6 | Read Or Miss Out

Are you an owner of a Laravel Development Company? OR Are you someone who is working as a developer in an IT company who is providing Laravel Development Services? Then, you must have an idea of how Laravel frameworks works, isn’t it? Today, Laravel has been in massive demand as far as the IT industry is concerned and the reason for that is, it is strongly believed by many industry experts across the globe that, Laravel is the future king of web development services. Therefore, it becomes vital for all you guys to have knowledge about it. 

Laravel Development

Now, if you’re in the IT industry for a long time, then you must have seen many technologies and trends emerging over the years. The same applies to the case of PHP, where over the years, PHP programming language has evolved and the various frameworks of PHP have come into the market. All these frameworks have made the coding process very easy for the developers and in addition to that, they are also responsible for the rapid application development. Now, one of the frameworks that have caught the attention of all the developers across the globe is Laravel. 

Today, if you’re working in the IT industry as a developer or as a designer, then you must have seen many ads regarding the Laravel Web Development Company on the various social media sites. From this statement, you can easily understand the significance of Laravel and the kind of impact it has made in the IT sector within a very short time period. Now, as the Laravel framework has evolved over the years, there are a various version of it, that came into the market and if you want to be successful, you have to be aware of all the latest version or updates. 

Now, the latest version of Laravel that was launched just a week ago, is Laravel 5.6. Laravel 5.6 was launched on the 7th February 2018, to be precise and it has come with all the new features which were not present in the previous edition of Laravel. It is believed by many IT industry experts across the globe, that Laravel 5.6 is going to break all the records in terms of popularity and the reason for that is, the rich features that have been included in this sensational framework. So, if you’re a PHP developer, then you must know about all the new features of Laravel 5.6.   

Are you worried about how to know the features of Laravel 5.6? Then, don’t be so. Today, I’m going to discuss the 10 awesome features of Laravel 5.6, which will ease out all your problems. So, why wait for anything to happen? Let’s get straight into the thick of things and analyze each feature one-by-one. 

[1.] Logging Improvements:-

This is one of the best features that has come into the market with the launch of Laravel 5.6, which will be loved by all the Laravel Development Company. What happens in Laravel 5.6 is that, logging configuration moves config/app.php file to the new config/logging.php file. Due to this improvement, you can build  “stacks” which can send the log messages to multiple handlers. 

[2.] Single Server Task Scheduling:-
As a developer, when you’re dealing any web application development, you have to deal with the scheduling task on various servers. Now, if your app is running on the multiple servers, you schedule tasks will run on all the server simultaneously, which is a waste of memory. But, with Laravel 5.6, you can schedule your tasks on a single server by using the onOneserver() method. 

[3.] Broadcast Channel Classes:-

Suppose you’re a developer is who is utilizing the Laravel Development Services and developing an application which is consuming many different channels, then your routes/channels.php could become bulky. That’s where the role of Laravel 5.6 comes into the picture, as it allows you to use the channel classes instead of Closures for authorizing channels. 

[4.] Dynamic Rate Limiting:-

In the previous versions of Laravel frameworks, if you want to put the rate limit on a group of routes, then you have to provide the rate limit value in advance, which can be a tricky thing. But, with the introduction of Laravel 5.6, you can dynamically specify the rate limit on the attributes of an authenticated user model. This way, Laravel 5.6 surges ahead of all its previous versions. 

[5.] Model Serialization Improvements:-

If you’re a developer who is working in a Laravel Web Development company, then you must be knowing that, in the previous versions of Laravel framework, if you have defined any relationship on the model which are queued, then would not be restored, come what may. But, that changes with the introduction of Laravel 5.6, where model queues are automatically loaded.

[6.] API Controller Generation:-

With Laravel 5.6, you can automatically generate some fantastic resource controllers for API, which will not include the unnecessary edit and create actions. But, this kind of scenario only applies to resource controllers which are returning HTML. This facility greatly reduces the load on the developers, which was not the case with any previous versions of the Laravel framework.

[7.] Eloquent Date Casting:-

Customizing the date in the Laravel framework was a huge challenge for the developers across the globe for a long time. That unsolved mystery is finally solved with the launch of Laravel 5.6 and the reason for that is, Laravel 5.6 allow the developers to individually customize the format of the eloquent date. For that purpose, you have to specify the desired date within the cast format. 

[8.] Introduction Of Bootstrap 4:-

This is one of the most awesome features that has come into the Laravel 5.6. With the introduction of Bootstrap 4 in the Laravel framework, developers can expect a lot of stability in the development process. All of the front-end scaffolding and example Vue component now uses Bootstrap 4 in the Laravel framework, which is great news for all the Laravel developers around the world.  

[9.] Argon2 Password Hashing:-

Laravel 5.6 supports the new password hashing algorithm that was introduced in the PHP 7.2 and above versions. With Argon2 Password hashing, the developers have a greater control over the entire web application that they are developing. The reason for that is, Argon2 Password Hashing allows you to choose which hashing driver you want to use by default in the configuration file. 

[10.] UUID Methods:-

UUID is an acronym for Universal Unique Identifier which is widely used by the developers when they’re dealing with building any complex web application using Laravel framework. Laravel 5.6 has introduced 2 new methods for generating the UUID, Str::uuid and Str::orderedUuid. Both will generate a timestamp which can be easily indexed by the database. 

Summing Things…

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did while creating it for you developers out there and it helps you all to be aware of the features of the latest version of Laravel framework i.e Laravel 5.6, which will eventually help you in your future web development projects. Thank You.! 

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