Friday, April 20, 2018

8 Useful WordPress Ad Management Plugins That Helps You To Generate More Revenue For Your Business

Are you someone who is an owner of a WordPress Development Company? OR Are you someone who is working as a developer in an IT organization who is providing WordPress Development Services to all the clients? Then, you must have an idea of how WordPress development works and how to use it in an effective manner. Today, WordPress development has been in huge demand as far as the whole IT industry across the world is concerned and therefore, it becomes really critical for you all to have a deep understanding about the WordPress platform.

Now, if you’re working in the IT industry for a long time, then you must be knowing that WordPress Website Development has been in massive demand in the last few years. The reason for that is, it is believed by many industry experts across the globe that, WordPress CMS is the future king of website development or web application development, without a pinch of a doubt. In the recent times, most of the websites are being developed on the WordPress platform and therefore, it becomes really important for you all to be aware of the working of WordPress. 

Today, almost 30% of the websites in the world which are running successfully over the web are powered by WordPress CMS. From this statement, you can clearly understand the kind of impact WordPress platform has created in the IT industry, that too in such a short time span and therefore, you must have seen many ads on the various social media platforms regarding WordPress Web Development Company. In the last few years, WordPress is ruling the roost in the IT industry and therefore, as a developer, you should have the in-depth knowledge about it. 

Now, if you’re in the IT industry for a while now, you must have seen that, over the years, every technology, platform or framework has evolved with the time. The same applies to the case of WordPress CMS, where it has evolved with the time. There’s a drastic difference between the WordPress that was released many years ago and the WordPress that is being used nowadays. Lots of plugins and themes are added to the WordPress to ease out the job of developers & that’s why there’s a lot of work being done on WordPress Plugin Development in the IT industry. 

As you all know that, WordPress is a Content Management System which is used to develop various websites or web applications for any business, organization or company in order to manage their vast amount of content in an efficient manner. Now, the ultimate aim of all these business owners is to make money and one of the ways to do that is by putting an Ad on your website. But, the problem with WordPress platform is that there is no WordPress theme which provides a way for you to put an Ad on the website, which creates an issue for all the developers. 

Now, Are you worried about how to overcome this problem? Then, don’t be so. Today, I’m going to discuss 8 innovative Ad Management Plugins that will ease out the problem of all the developers and allow them to create a way for publishing an Ad on the WordPress platform. So, why wait for anything to happen? Let’s get straight into the thick of things and analyze each Ad Management Plugin one-by-one. 

[1.] AdSanity:- 

If you’re a developer who is working in a WordPress Development Company, then you must know about this amazing Ad Management Plugin. It allows you to insert the ads on your website anywhere using the widgets. In addition to that, AdSanity provides you the support for both hosted ad network as well as the external ad network like Google Adsense, which is awesome.!

[2.] Insert Post Ads:- 

Are you a business owner who is looking for a plugin for your WordPress that automatically inserts the Ads into your post? Then, Insert Post Ads could be your best bet, without a doubt. Insert Post Ads allows you to automatically display various kind of Ads in your post content. You can create different size of ads and then choose the paragraph where you want to display it. 

[3.] DoubleClick By Google:- 

If you’re a developer who is working in an IT firm who is providing the WordPress Plugin Development Services, then you must have heard about this awesome plugin, for sure. DoubleClick By Google is web-based Ad selling & servicing platform which is powered by Google. What is so good about this Ad Management Plugin is that it is reliable & cost effective. 

[4.] Quick Adsense:- 

Quick Adsense is one of the innovative WordPress Ad Management Plugins to have come into the market. Basically, Quick Adsense allows the developers to display any kinds of Ads on the WordPress website. One of the greatest things about Quick Adsense is that it is very easy to set up and you can select how & where you want to place the Ads, which is absolutely fantastic.! 

[5.] Ad Inserter:- 

If you’re a developer who is working in a WordPress Web Design Company, then you must have heard about this Ad Management Plugin, without a pinch of a doubt. Ad Inserter allows the business owners to create multiple ad blocks and choose how to place it. In addition to that, it also gives the options to insert the Ads inside post, before post, between the post or in the comment.

[6.] Ads Pro Plugin:- 

Now, if you’re a Wordpress developer, then you must be knowing that in the recent times, almost 25% of the desktop users are using Ad Blocker Software, which doesn’t allow your Ad to be displayed on the website. But, with the introduction of Ads Pro Plugin, that issue has gone out of the window, as it allows you to bypass the Ad Blockers and display your ads on the website. 

[7.] WordPress Ad Widget:- 

If you’re a developer who is working in an IT company who is providing the service of WordPress Theme Development, then you must know about this Ad Management Plugin. WordPress Ad Widget is one of the simplest and easy to use Ad Management Plugin. It provides users with a widget which they can place anywhere in the sidebar and display the Ad.  

[8.] AdRotate:- 

AdRotate is one of the most useful Ad Management Plugins to have arrived in the market in the recent times as far as Wordpress platform is concerned. One of the USP AdRotate is that it is suitable for both WordPress beginner as well as the advanced users. In addition to that, AdRotate provides the support for creating hosted ads with rotating banner ads as well as the network ads.

Final Thoughts…

After reading thousands of blogs, analyzing hundreds of surveys and conducting the meeting with various IT industry experts, I have made a list of 8 Ad Management Plugins which will ease out the problems of all the developers. I hope that after reading this article all your confusion regarding how to place an Ad on the WordPress website will be removed and it will help you all to be aware of 8 Ad Management Plugins which will help you all to generate more revenue for your business in the future. Thank You.!

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