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8 Leading PHP Development IDEs of 2018 that Make the Job of Programmer Very Easy

Are you working as a programmer in a PHP Development Company? OR Are you an owner of a Website Development Company who is focused on offshore development? Then, you must have come across many projects of PHP language, isn’t it? Nowadays, PHP programming language is in huge demand and I don’t say it blindly. Let me show you some stats regarding that, which will surely make you believe that PHP is the leading programming language.

According to a survey of W3techs, PHP is the leading Server-Side Programming Language in the world with a share of 83.1% on the web. While, if you see in the terms of demand, then PHP is the 6th most in-demand programming language in the world. From this stats, you can understand the kind of impact PHP has created across the globe and in the minds of business owners.

Today, PHP Development Services are in massive demand and therefore as a developer you need to have the knowledge about PHP. But, there’s a twist in the tail, just having a knowledge will not work in this day & age where it’s all about rapid development. That’s why where the role of IDE comes into the picture. Now, you may be thinking that What is IDE?

IDE is an abbreviation for Integrated Development Environment. Basically, it is a software application that provides the programmer with all functionalities which make the coding very easy for them and that’s why when any company is looking to Hire PHP Programmer, they will surely ask that the person that whether he/ she is aware with various IDEs or not.

Over the years, there are many PHP IDEs that came into the market, but the challenge is to find the Best PHP IDEs for Coding.

So, Are you worried about how to find the Leading PHP Development IDEsDo you want to know best PHP Development Tools in the business?

Then, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a rollercoaster ride as I will discuss the 8 Leading PHP Development IDEs of 2018 which will make your job much easier than ever before. So, why wait for anything? Let’s get straight to the action and analyze each IDE one-by-one.

[1.] NetBeans:-

Developed by the Sun Microsystem in late the 90’s, NetBeans is one of the most used IDEs for PHP Application Development. One of the best thing about NetBeans that makes it so popular is that it supports the modular approach which makes it easy for the developers to code. Basically, NetBeans has been developed in JAVA language, but it does support multiple programming languages.

Top Features:-

       Efficient Project Management
       Quick Search Facility
       Customizable Workspace
       Ease of Code Compilation
       Support for Embedded Application
       Awesome Developers Community

[2.] Eclipse:-

If you talk to any developer about Top PHP IDE in the business, then he/she will definitely rank Eclipse right up in the top bracket. Released on 7th Nov 2001, Eclipse has been one of the most popular PHP IDE across the globe. Good workspace management and support for customizing the development environment according to the need, has made Eclipse the goto choice for the programmers around the world.

Top Features:-

       Free and Open-Source IDE
       Facility of Auto Compilation
       Automatic Error Reporting
       Easy Navigation
       Support for Cross-Platform Application
       Lots of Plugin to Work With

[3.] PHPStorm:-

As a developer, if you’re looking for PHP Web Application Development, then PHPSTorm could be your best bet. Developed by the JetBrains in 2009, PHPStorm is a commercial and cross-platform IDE which is used for developing any kind of complex web application. Unlike NetBeans & Eclipse which are free, PHPStorm has a license cost, but for the students & teachers, it is available for free of cost.

Top Features:-

       Rich Code Editor
       Error Checking On-the-Fly
       Lightweight, Smooth & Fast
       Documentation for Live Templates
       Support for Version Control System
       Support for Multiple PHP Frameworks

[4.] Zend Studio:-

Any company who is looking to Hire PHP Web Developer will surely ask the candidate about Zend Studio. The reason for asking this question is that Zend Studio can be integrated with Zend Server which the most fundamental part of PHP programming that every programmer should be aware of. Basically, Zend Studio is a commercial IDE developed by Zend technologies which are used for developing interactive web applications.

Top Features:-

       Based on MVC Architecture
       Support for PHP 7
       Built-in Tools for Unit Testing
       Support for Apigility
       Support for All PHP Frameworks
       Facility of Cloud Deployment

[5.] NuSphere PhpED:-

NuSphere is a US-based software company who is specialized in making programming tools which help the developer in making any kind of web applications. One of the very famous tools that have been that is very useful for any PHP App Development Company is PhpED. PhpED is an IDE which supports both local as well the remote project. In addition to that, PhpED also provides the support for MVC architecture.

Top Features:-

       Simplified Debugging
       Dynamic Syntax Highlighting
       Auto Highlight for Variables
       Code Folding
       Fast Loading/Unloading of Workspace
       Fast File Open

[6.] Komodo IDE:-

Developed by the ActiveState and released in May 2000, Komodo IDE is a dynamic programming tool for developing various kinds of websites and web applications. Most of the features of Komodo IDE are derived or inherited from the Python language and therefore the developer who has some experience of working on Python will love this tool. It supports various OS like Linux, Windows & OS X. 

Top Features:-

       Smart Language Detection
       Support for Third-Party Library
       Tons of Add-Ons for Customization
       Live Previewing
       Quick Bookmarking
       Integrated Unit Testing

[7.] Codelobster:-

Codelobster is a portable IDE which is developed by Codelobster Software for developing any kind of web applications in PHP language. It is one of the most innovative PHP IDE which is used many organizations around the world who has PHP as their core service. The USP of Codelobster is that it supports most of the PHP Frameworks and that’s why it has got so much recognition from the developer’s community.

Top Features:-

       Flexible & Powerful Plug-in System
       Code Collapsing
       HTML Code Conversion
       Support for Macro Recording
       Support for CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla & Magento
       Integrated Unit Testing

[8.] Cloud9 IDE:-

Cloud9 is an IDE which is written in Javascript and developed by the Amazon Web Services. That’s why there is a lot of trust factor in the PHP developer community for Cloud9 IDE. Earlier versions of Cloud9 was not open-source but from version 3.0 it has been declared as an open-source IDE. It supports hundreds of programming language and in order to this IDE, you need to have a valid credit card.

Top Features:-

       Multiple Cursors for Simultaneous Editing
       Support for Various Plug-ins
       Built-in Image Editor
       Code Re-formatting
       Support for Public & Private Projects.
       Syntax Highlighting

Summing Things…

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much I did while creating for all you intellectual people and it helps you to be aware of the latest php development IDEs for 2018 which will eventually help you in your website development process. Thank You.!

If you’re looking to Hire PHP Developer, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a team of highly skilled professional developers which will help you to develop a great website PHP for your business according to your requirement.

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