Monday, January 15, 2018

12 WordPress Plugins that Every Developer should be Aware of

Are you working as a developer for an IT company? OR Are you a person who is working on the website development? Then you must have heard about WordPress. Nowadays, WordPress is in huge demand in the industry and almost 30% site on the web is based on WordPress. So, you can understand the influence of WordPress development in the IT industry. 

If you search on the web about WordPress Development Company a huge list of the company will arrive and the reason for that is most of the website development nowadays are based on WordPress. Now, you may be wondering that what is Wordpress and why it is so popular. 

So, first thing first, WordPress is basically a CMS (Content Management System) which is developed in PHP and MySQL. WordPress enables the developers to rapidly develop a website by providing them plenty of plugins and tools and that’s why in few years it has gained popularity among the developer community. 

Today, there is a lot of demand for WordPress developers and that’s why you may see ads regarding Hire WordPress Developer on the LinkedIn page of many companies. Clients have also become more aware than ever before and there are also looking for the organization who are providing WordPress Development Services. 

Any WordPress Web Development Company expects that the developer should be able to build a website in short span compared to another platform as WordPress offers so many options for developers. So, if you look at from the developer's perspective, they need to know about the plugins that WordPress offers to them as that will only make their job easier and allow to them for rapid development. 

Now, there are more than 40,000 plugins that are provided by the WordPress which are related to developers, designer, SEO etc. and therefore the main challenge for the developers is to know that which plugins are of prime importance for them. To solve that problem, I have made a list of 12 WordPress plugins which will be most effective from the developer’s perspective. So, let’s analyze them one-by-one. 

[1.] WinForms:- 

If you are as a developer working in any WordPress Web Design Company, then this the plugin that will be most useful to you. As a developer, you know that you have to deal with the forms day-in and day-out. That’s where WinForms will be really useful to you as it allows you drag and drop elements for making contact form, order form, payment form etc. in just one click. 

[2.] Sucuri:- 

When you are doing any WordPress Website Development, security is a major concern for any developer as well as the business owners. That’s where Sucuri comes into the picture as it allows the developers to integrate web application firewall which is extremely critical to for security. By using this plugin, you can protect your website from various types of malware attacks.  

[3.] BackupBuddy:- 

BackupBuddy is one of the most popular plugins among the developer community. When you are doing any Custom WordPress Development, you need to pass the data to the host server and if that server fails due to some reason then you will be in huge trouble. That’s where BackupBuddy can be really helpful as it is the easiest and most reliable way to backup your data.

[4.] CSS Hero:- 

If you’re working on WordPress Theme Development, then you have to deal with CSS as the whole WordPress theme relies on the CSS. Now, if the website development is being conducted by someone who doesn’t know CSS in detail, you will in huge trouble. That’s where CSS Hero comes into play as allows to develop any custom theme without writing a single piece of code. 

[5.] Beaver Builder:- 

If you talk to someone who is working with WordPress Plugin Development, then he/she surely tell you that Beaver Builder is one of the best plugins.Sometimes what happens is that after developing a website for your business, you want to add some page for conversion purpose, that’s where Beaver Builder is useful as it allows you easily create your own page layouts.   

[6.] Insert Header & Footer:- 

When you’re working with any website development, you need to insert header and footer into the website and for that, you need to add some piece of additional code which can sometimes break up the theme of your website. But by using Insert Header & Footer plugin, you can easily add the header as well the footer without having to deal theme file, which makes your job easier. 

[7.] TablePress:- 

If you have worked on any website development project especially on WordPress, you must have come across the use of use of tables. Usually, we write the code for tables in HTML or CSS but with the TablePress plugin, your job becomes much easier. TablePress allow the developer to create and add tables to posts, pages, and even widgets without writing any piece of HTML code. 

[8.] WPtouch:- 

WPtouch is one of the most used WordPress plugins. In today’s time, everything is moving towards mobile-first index, you need to have the mobile version of your website. That’s where WPtouch could be your best bet as it not only allows you to create a mobile version of your website but also allows you to it builds your own mobile app for a website without any app store. 

[9.] Widget Context:- 

When you’re dealing with any website development, you need to deal with making widget for the website. Sometimes you need to show the widget while other times you need to hide it according to the requirement. For that purpose, Widget Context can be a really useful plugin for the developers as it offers you the facility to display or hide widget on a specific webpage. 

[10.] Debug Bar:- 

As a developer, you have to deal with lots of error and bugs in the code. Debug Bar is a menu which added to the admin panel which will help you all to statistics like cache, total queries, total queried time, and memory usage which will help you in the debugging process. In addition to that, Debug Bar will also help you to know about some of the PHP warnings. 

[11.] Log Deprecated Notices:- 

If you’re working as a developer, you must have come across various function for website development, but sometimes what happens is that some of the functions are deprecated in the newer version of the platform. That’s where Log Deprecated Notices is really helpful as it not only informs you about the deprecated functions but also suggests you the alternative for that.  

[12.] Simply Show IDs:- 

When you’re dealing with any website development, you have to deal with huge amount of database. Now, to access those data in terms of coding, you need to remember IDs of each and every entry which can be a tedious task. So, to avoid that, you can use Simply Show IDs, which adds a column in the table about IDs which makes your job much easier while coding.

We hope that you enjoy reading this article and it will help you all to make correct choices while doing development on WordPress platform. If you want to Hire WordPress Developer, don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide the best WordPress Development Services for plugins, themes or any other requirement that you have. Thank You.!

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